Do you want to learn to dance? Would you like to improve your skills in the role of leader and/or follower? Or maybe you are getting married soon? An opening dance can be beautiful, a loving couple beaming in the middle of the dance floor, that is so romantic ...
It will be a pleasure to help you in your project. After a series of 5 to 10 private lessons, you will be at ease to surprise your loved ones! I have seen it unfolding it with so many new dancers.


I work with attention and patience, I advise you where the need arises and I can prepare a choreography on the song of your choice as well as teaching you an existing choreography. My specialties are waltzes and improvisation within a couple. During the lessons, you will quickly notice that I am not judgmental, there are only situations. The instructions I give are an invitation to change one little thing at a time or to keep doing what works and is flowing. The most important thing for me is that the lessons take place in a friendly and benevolent manner. We first build up a basis to move together, we do it by finding a common rhythm and by adjusting the posture. Then we work on sequences of movements that you can perform step by step to turn it into something fun and romantic!

Practical information

The price for a one hour dance lesson is € 35. Classes can take place at my home near Leuven in Kessel-Lo and at the cost of transport, I can also travel around Louvain and Brussels.

About me

ik Dance is the fire of my life, I had my first dance experience in traditional folk dance, I was around 18 years old. I also accompanied a folk dance group for children from Leuven for several years. In search of more freedom in the expression of dance, I turned more and more to folk balls often called Boombal and in the meantime folk has become a real passion. It was by chance that I entered the world of Contact Impro dance, and since then I have been even more free and can dance anywhere, anytime. In short, dancing has become a part of me :-)
Always looking for new worlds to explore, I started my first dance lessons in 2016 for couples who are getting married, for me this is a perfect way to share this passion with others - maybe with you too?

See you soon,
by Carl Bosch